Zephyr range hood reviews

Zephyr is an innovative company that was founded by a family. Zephyr is a family-owned business that has been around for more than twenty years. Over the years, it has manufactured state-of-the-art products with creative designs and smart looks.

They have been a prominent name in wine and beverage coolers, and they are making waves in the range hood space. Zephyr’s three pillars for development are innovation, creativity, and usability.

Zephyr seemed to be not content with just earning the trust of their customers. The entire industry was reshaped by Zephyr’s focus on design and style. Zephyr is a global company that has brought together the best talent from all walks of the industry. Their range hoods are not just mechanically and electrically efficient but also they have a great aesthetic appeal.

Zephyr range hoods have been known for their thoughtful design, efficiency. And effectiveness in venting steam and kitchen odours. Zephyr range hoods have become a very popular option for under-cabinet range hoods. They created exhaust systems with high CFMs, silent performance, silent cleaning. And these system provides efficient operation. Features that are nearly impossible to find in any other range-hood company’s product. They don’t only produce top-class kitchen appliances but also provide prompt and outstanding after-sales service. Below there is a comprehensive guide on Zephyr range hood reviews that will you help to choose the right range hood for your kitchen. So let’s get started!

Key factors to consider when Buying Best Zephyr Range Hood

Style & Size

The cooktop’s surface must be measured before choosing any range hood. Although it is not a requirement that the range hood matches the stovetop exactly. It is advisable to have them complement each other so that any smoke, steam, or particles. And that may be released during cooking, get absorbed by it before they reach the rest of the kitchen.

For example, the under cabinet hood will need to fit in the area below the stove. While a mount hood, or an island hood, can be easily set up depending on how much space you have.

Before purchasing a hood, it is crucial to measure the space at the bottom and the back of your stove. If you still concern about what size of range hood should you get then check out this article.


CFM is the measurement of the power of a hood. Naturally, the absorption job will be easier for the more powerful hood. Many range hoods have different fan speeds. When cooking heavy items, the fan speed can be adjusted to make the range hood more powerful. You can also reduce fan speed if there isn’t much smoke or smell. You should be able to select the speed that best and suits your dish.

The type of food that is prepared will significantly affect the hood’s power. Ideal values for island vent hoods are 100 CFM per square foot. And 150 CFM each for island vent units.

Ducted or Ductless Range Hood

Range Hoods come in ductless and ducted versions. The ductless hoods draw air outside, and the ducted ones remove smoke, odours.

While ducted range hoods are much more attractive and efficient. The Zephyr range hoods can be challenging to install. However, those who live in buildings with restrictions on installing hoods. During installation, they may find a ductless option to be a good choice.

Ductless Hoods should be changed and cleaned regularly. Ducted ranges typically have aluminum filters to trap grease. You must be removed or cleaned regularly.


It is crucial to maintain the fresh smell of your kitchen by cleaning the filters. You should clean these filters regularly.

You must look into what type of filter is used by their hoods to trap smoke, grease, and other kitchen particles.

You can choose to use the baffle or mesh filter. Although it may seem that they share the same function. But they serve very different purposes. Thus mesh filters are more effective at trapping grease residue. They do require frequent cleaning. Baffle filters are also less expensive.

It doesn’t matter what kind of filter you choose. Make sure to check whether they can be washed in the dishwasher.


Some basic types of hoods may not be very appealing, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. Many mount hoods, as well as islands, have attractive designs that will get attention. These are slim and very attractive in bright colors.

There are a variety of options to choose from if you go for range hoods. The style of the kitchen is something to consider when choosing a range hood. Luckily there are many companies offering hoods specifically tailored to your needs.

Now take a look at the top 7 best zephyr range hood reviews in detail, shall we?

Zephyr range hood reviews

1. Zephyr AK2100BS 30″ Power Typhoon Series Under Cabinet Hood with 850 CFM in Stainless Steel

Zephyr range hood reviewsZephyr range hood reviews

The Zephyr AK2100BS30” Power Typhoon Series comes with a turbine blade. That is capable of delivering 850 CFM. The fan’s power is negligible, and the noise level remains at the same level, from 0.9 to 5. The range has many valuable and exciting features, including lights. The range includes two lighting options: regular and nightlight. Even though the fan button turns off all lights, there is a separate switch to control them. This feature is extremely useful, even though it’s not necessary. It’s powered by a self-cleaning filter-less cleaning system, which is dishwasher safe.

Another best feature of this range hood is it has an effective speed control system. You can limit the blower speed to 590 CFM, 390 CFM, 290, or so according to local electrical code requirements.

It has quite a good reputation on Amazon with many positive reviews. So we pick it as our priority in our Zephyr range hood reviews guide.

  • Effective LED lights for stovetop.
  • Low noise level with the highest power.
  • Effective speed control feature.
  • Delivers up to 850 CFM.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Hard to install.
  • Sometimes greases don’t trap in hoods drawers.
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2. Zephyr AK7100BS-BF 30″ Essentials Power Series Gust Under-Cabinet Range Hood with 400 CFM Baffle Filters 3 Speed Levels Mechanical Slide

Zephyr range hood reviews

Zephyr AK7100AS–BF 30-Inch under-cabinet range hood is unique in its design. It does not require venting air outside. Instead, the air flows through a charcoal filter that filters out impurities.

The hood does more than just cleaning. It also illuminates the kitchen using 2 powerful halogen lights. The unique mechanical slide offers control over the kitchen environment. So that the air can be easily maintained in the kitchen. The design is sleek and elegant, adding to the modern kitchen design. The hood can also be used in a dishwasher and is available with an optional kit.

The unique air filter system keeps the humidity and temperature in the home at a constant level. It is easier to install this hood than other models on the market. Because it does not require complex pipes or channels. The hood range includes a 400 CFM blower. This helps remove the unpleasant smells from your kitchen.

  • Amazing 400CFM of ventilation and silent operating in 1.2 sones.
  • Adjustable speed settings.
  • Baffle filters that are dishwasher safe.
  • 4. Great Suction power.
  • Halogen light produces extra heat.
  • Produce a high noise level.
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3. Zephyr AK1200BS Essentials Breeze Series 30 Inch under Cabinet Convertible Hood with 400 CFM, LED Lights, Electronic Touch Controls in Stainless Steel

Zephyr range hood reviews

Zephyr AK1200BS hood provides airflow unlike any other range on the market. Breeze II series hoods are the most efficient. This series range hood is equipped with state of advanced 400 CFM blowers. These blowers can manage and remove the most challenging grease, smoke, smell, and

Cleaning the vents and grills isn’t difficult at all and is easily cleaned in the dishwasher. The aluminum filter cleanses the air in a way that is automatic and completes the task in only five minutes! The breeze series comes with blowers of 250 CFM that come with 3-speed controls. The noise level isn’t too loud and is excellent in removing airborne contaminants.

The range hood has three speeds fan. Users have the option of selecting the one that best suits the type of food prepared. The lighting options offered by the range are incredibly robust, bright. And it lasts for quite a while. The lighting can as well be adjusted to set the ambiance within the kitchen.

  • Easy to install.
  • Easy to use.
  • Energy savings LED lights.
  • Produce less noise.
  • 400 CMF with excellent suction power.
  • LED lights focused on the cooktop.
  • Sometimes, it produces noise.
  • LED lights aren’t bright enough.
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4. Zephyr AK6500BS 30″ Range Hood

Zephyr range hood reviewsZephyr range hood reviews

Zephyr AK6500BS 30” is part of the Power Series Cyclone range. It is modern in style and is very effortless to maintain. It’s not just that the range hood enhances the look of kitchens. But it also comes with 600 CFM that removes air using its centrifugal fan. It comes with three speeds that can be used based on the type of food being cooked. In addition, it comes with an electronic slide and two-level Halogen lighting.

This range hood is easy to use and clean. The volume of the range ranges from 1.5 to 5 Sones. The range of power is 600 – 290. Blower CFM performs like a dream. And the two 35W halogen lights illuminate the kitchen area and food preparation.

The clean and modern design offered by this range is the perfect kitchen design that is possible to get.

In the end, the self-cleaning option and other important features, make it an essential purchase option.

  • Bright LED lights.
  • Easy to install and easy to use.
  • Perfect for a small kitchen.
  • Lower setting eliminates all steam and odours from cooking.
  • Loud noise level.
  • The control’s position on the front slide is defective.
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5. Zephyr ZPIE30AG290 30″ Under cabinet Range Hood

Zephyr range hood reviewsZephyr range hood reviews

Zephyr ZPIE30AG290 30” range hood offers a simple alternative to the standard range hood that is concealed under the cabinet. It is powered by the power of the 290CFM air blower. Its low-profile design delivers impressive design and top-quality performance. The retractable visor assists in taking air and gives you control within your reach. Zephyr ZPIE30AG290 30″ is ideal for kitchens that need the most discreet look.

This range hood is easy to use for its mechanical slide control. And the best feature of this range hood is it has two halogen lights for complete illumination. The three-speed fan with 290 CMF removes smokes, odours, and steam from your kitchen. It comes with aluminum mesh filters. You can easily clean those filters. Another best feature of this range hood is the slide-out glass canopy design.

  • Two bright halogen lights.
  • Premium design.
  • Slide-out canopy design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Aluminum filters, easy to clean.
  • Hard to install.
  • Instruction manuals do not appear to be comprehensive or relevant.
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6. ZEPHYR AK8100AS-BF 27-in Under-Cabinet Range Hood 600-CFM, Wireless Kitchen Stove Vent with Halogen Light, 3 Speed Exhaust, Stainless

Zephyr range hood reviewsZephyr range hood reviews

ZEPHYR AK8100AS-BF 27 inch under cabinet range hood comes with a power pack of 600 CMF. It also comes with two powerful halogen lights. It has a 3-speed fan which helps to remove all kinds of gas, greases, and odours. It has stainless steel filter, which is dishwasher-free. The shape of this under the cabinet range hood is quite significant. An angle-shape housing to ensure an ideal match with any built-in canopy. An adjustable-depth liner is available. Lastly, the best feature of this range hood is The Mechanical Slide Controls. This control system makes this range hood more effective and easy to use.

  • Provides 600 CMF with a 3-speed exhaust fan.
  • Halogen Lights.
  • Stainless steel filters, dishwasher free.
  • Mechanical slide control system.
  • Very few reviews.
  • Halogen lights usually create heat to the hood.
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7. Zephyr ZSAM90DS 36″ Chimney Range Hood

Zephyr range hood reviewsZephyr range hood reviews

Zephyr ZSAM90DS 36″ range hood comes with 685 CMF. It helps to remove all kinds of gas, odors, or greases from a kitchen. It is one of the easily operated range hoods. In the range hood, you will find aluminum mesh filters. That stowaway particulates and integrated controls for the 5-speed fan. It also has a bright lighting system so that you can get quickly on your stovetop.

Lastly, the best part of this range hood is you will get 3 years limited warranty on the parts. It is perfect for any kitchen with its premium and simple aesthetic design.

  • Airflow controlling system.
  • Aluminum Mesh Filters
  • ICON Touch controlling system.
  • Very few consumers reviews.
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Take a look at our table comparison on Zephyr range hoods we just discussed above.
ProductWeightDimensionsUnique FeaturePrice
Zephyr AK2100BS 30″  ‎40 poundsX850 CFMCheck price
Zephyr AK7100BS-BF 30″‎36 pounds‎29.95 x 8.25 x 21 inchesHalogen light, Dishwasher safe baffle filters Check price
Zephyr AK1200BS   23 pounds  
‎29.94 x 20.1 x 5.5 inches  
Adjustable speed settings. Check price
Zephyr AK6500BS 30″   XX‎4.5 Sones Check price
Zephyr ZPIE30AG290 30″  ‎40 pounds‎18.75 x 29.88 x 11.25 inchesPremium design, Slide-out canopy design.   Check price
ZEPHYR AK8100AS-BF   ‎25.2 pounds‎27.56 x 11.19 x 11.5 inchesMechanical Slide Controls Check price
Zephyr ZSAM90DS 36″  45 pounds  44 x 30 x 28 inches  ICON Touch controlling system Check price
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if I have Zephyr range hoods, but the air vents aren’t working correctly?

If you’re using Zephyr range hoods. But the air quality in your kitchen isn’t improving. Then it is a sign because the range hood may not be functioning correctly.

First, check the vent duct. And make sure it’s clear of obstruction, and that the end cup isn’t far enough from the pipe’s discharge end. Additionally, check that the damper was correctly installed. The flaps must function properly and be free by the adapters for pipes.

What’s the source of cold air that’s coming through the range, Hood?

When the Zephyr cooktop range hood has been installed correctly. Then it shouldn’t be a problem to feel cold air entering the hood of your range.

If you see cold air entering the range’s hood. Then look carefully the damper was fitted as intended to prevent airflow backdraft. Also, ensure that all connections to pipes are properly sealed.

How can I remove and clean my filters?

If you want to keep the effectiveness of your filters, make sure you be sure to clean them regularly. But how do you clean these filters?

Most of the filters of the range hoods are dishwasher-safe. Therefore they can be cleaned in the dishwasher using low temperatures. And you can use a non-phosphate detergent. Ensure that there aren’t any other items in the dishwasher. So that could block the filter from catching food particles. (Internal Link)

If you make use of phosphate detergents, it could cause discoloration of your filters. The discoloration could also be caused due to water conditions. The discoloration will not interfere with the performance.


We highly recommend before we purchase a range hood, make sure you’ve thought about the size of the stove you’ve got. Then, kitchen space and what type of food you cook to pick a stove that will keep your kitchen net and clean. We hope our buying guide on zephyr range hood reviews helps to decide which one you should buy according to your needs. Let us know by the comment section below which one is your favorite? Thank you for reading.

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