What is a convertible range hood?

A range hood is an essential appliance that is used in today’s kitchen. The range hood has an exhaust blower or fan. And that removes smokes, odors, and greases from your kitchen. There are many types and designs of range hoods. Each is made for a specific purpose. Range hoods are essential for maintaining your home’s indoor air quality. It also completing your kitchen’s appearance.

Convertible Range Hood

The term “convertible range hood” could be something you’ve encountered while looking for a new range hood. Or you are planning for the ventilation system of your new house. But what is a convertible range hood?

This term will be found in the specifications of a range hood. Although not all range hoods can be converted, it is a feature that is common in under-cabinet models. Convertible range hoods can be either installed as a range hood with vents that open to the outside. On the other side, you can use a range hood without ductwork that circulates the air through filters. Some hoods come with a built-in so that you can easily install them.

Other range hoods come with ductwork but in this case. So you can easily convert it to a recirculating range hood. You just need to buy some kits or parts for the installation. As we mentioned earlier that there are a variety of styles and designs available for range hoods. But, this article will be focused on convertible range hood?

You can vent the convertible range hood through a wall, or it can vent through a ceiling with the help duct. You can change it to a non-venting version that filters the air that is returned to the kitchen. The hood can either be duct-free, or ducted.

It will eliminate unpleasant odors or smoke from your kitchen. Convertible range hoods can work with both electric and natural gas cooking products. It can use vertically through the upper cabinets. You can use it as well horizontally against an outside wall.

Different Types of Convertible Range Hoods

difference types of range hood

Different cooking areas have different needs. You’ll be able to be comfortable with a greater variety of range hoods that can be converted. If you select the right type of range hood you can easily work in your kitchen. And able to avoid any types of problems like renovating your kitchen. Or making any adjustments after the installation of your range hood.

We are going to show you a listing of some of the most highly rated types that are available on the market.

1. Wall-mount convertible range hoods

wall mounted range hood

If you have a kitchen that has nothing above the stove or cooktop, and your stove is against a wall. Then the wall-mount range hood will be perfect for your kitchen. You can easily install wall mount convertible range hoods.

Installation Process of Wall Mount Convertible Range hood

First, you have to drill a hole in the wall and attach the duck. Then place your range hood in a close position to an electrical socket. It’s more convenient and easy to plug it in directly without the use of an extension cable.

2. Under-Cabinet Convertible Range Hoods

under cabinet range hood

This model is an excellent option for kitchens with already installed cabinets. And want to install range hoods without additional work. It needs to be placed in the right place and connected to the duck and electricity.

Installation Process of Under-Cabinet Convertible range hood

There are many choices when it comes to under-cabinet convertible hoods. You’ll surely find the ideal one to suit your needs. It’s as simple as placing it on your cabinet and it’s all set to go. Before shopping, you will need to measure both the width and height of your stove and cabinet.

3. Convertible Island mount range hood

convertible island range hood

The convertible island mount range of the hood is best if you are looking to hang the device from a ceiling. This beautiful unit, which is made of stainless steel and glass. It has a reliable mesh filter that is high quality and looks great. This model not only looks great but also captures harmful odors and smoke out of your kitchen. Depending on the temperature outside, you can choose between ductless and out-venting styles

Installation Process of Convertible Island mount range hood

First, measure the distance between the stove and ceiling. Then test your range hood, mark the ceiling, install the ceiling bracket with support. After that install the mounting bracket and set up the glass. And screw the range hood with inside ceiling brackets. That’s it.

Convertible Range Hood’s Benefits:

Convertible range hoods offer many features and benefits, including the following:

1. Easy Installation

The installation of a convertible range hood is easy. It only takes 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Controls

These electronic controls provide a basic but very useful display. It also has a very sophisticated look.

3. Exhaust

A convertible range hood will often include an exhaust on both the top and rear.

4. High-speed boost

High ventilation power helps in the elimination of bad odors and smoke.

5. Charcoal Filter

This filter is used in many convertible range hoods. This allows the hoods to be fitted with charcoal filters.

6. Design

Convertible range hoods tend to have a simple design that is beautiful from all angles.

7. Automatic Shut Down System

A convertible range can be set so that it shuts off after some time.

8. Remote Control

This option can be added to most convertible range hoods. The remote can also be used to control fan speed and light intensity.

9. Stainless Steel edge Finishing

Convertible range hoods are constructed of high-quality stainless steel. This makes them very durable. It exhibits excellent corrosion resistance and impact absorption. It also has an ultra-modern appearance.

The above demonstrates that a convertible range hood is futuristic in design. And offers the best ventilation. Modern models also feature touch control and high-tech features. A convertible range hood comes in different sizes. If you’re looking for a convertible range hood, there are many sizes available. Experts suggest that if you have sufficient space, you purchase one that is at least one size larger.

For example, a 30-inch cooktop can be converted to a 36-inch convertible range hood. It will capture all odors and grease. Your flexibility in deciding where the range hood will be installed. Also, your budget will be a factor in your choice.

Method of converting the ductless range hood

ductless range hood

The process of changing a hood from ducting to ductless is typically simple. It could be as simple as requiring an alternative type of filter or removing an eagle cover from the top of the grill.

You should be aware of the fact that you could need to purchase a particular stainless steel filter and charcoal filters.

Better Use of Convertible Hoods

To make the most of the hood of your range, there’s a guideline you should be following. Make sure to measure the stove before purchasing the proper hood. If you’d like your stove to filter out all fumes, it should be of the right size.

It needs to be at minimum 3 inches (7.6 centimeters) greater over the burner on each side. If you own an island-style stove, this calculation will be slightly different. The new range hood has to be at minimum 6 inches (15.2 centimeters) larger over the kitchen on each side.

What Type of Range Hood You Should Buy?

The design of your kitchen could determine the style of range hood that you will require. The range could be placed on the outside or an internal wall. Even without the ductwork that leads to the outside. If you live in a multi-story home and your range is situated in an interior wall. Then the possibility of having a range hood with ducts could not be possible. If you live in a very old house ductwork repairs may be too costly. This is where an adjustable range hood could prove very useful.

Cabinetry could be an architectural design over your cooktop. And that requires an unobtrusive or concealed range hood. Your range could be on an island, and the range hood must drop down to the ceiling.

When you are shopping for a range hood, be sure you know how the placement is. And the architectural design influences the choice you make.

Ventilated Hoods


A range hood with a vent eliminates any unwanted particles from the kitchen. They make use of a fan as well as a pipe to eliminate steam, smoke, excess heat as well as odors. And humidity and leave your kitchen clean and fresh. Ventilated kitchen hoods have a powerful and efficient high-speed fan. They generally are quieter than systems that aren’t.


Ventilation ducts can cost a lot to set up, particularly in older houses. They should be placed in a location that pipes can connect the duct to the outside of the structure. It is recommended that you live in a home with several stories. And your kitchen is located on an internal wall. It could be difficult to install. The best range hoods with ventilation are placed on the exterior of the walls.

Non-Ventilated Range Hoods


Ventilated range hoods with no vents are completely ductless. They can be put anywhere in the kitchen, and do not require access to the outside. They’re typically less expensive and are simpler to put in. They use less energy because the exhaust fan doesn’t have to perform as much work. Baffle filters are usually placed into the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.


It’s less effective than ventilated hoods. Ventilated range hoods do not recycle air back into the kitchen. That means they do not eliminate humidity or heat from the cooking space. They should be replaced or maintained frequently. If the Ductless range hood is intended to be installed over an island stove. It will need to be connected with the ceiling. When the ceiling’s high, you may need to purchase an extension to lower it to an optimal efficiency level. Ventilated range hoods tend to be more acoustic than ventilated ones.

Convertible Range Hoods


If you’re thinking, “What is a convertible range hood?” We can assist you to in the process of figuring the issue. Convertible range hoods offer an additional degree of flexibility in placement. If you are planning to move your cooking space in the near future. Then it is very easy to modify the cover of the range to fit the new place. Whether it’s in a non-ducted or ducted location.


It is more expensive to buy.

If you are planning to set up your range hood to be a ductless system then you’ll require an air filter. The majority of them use charcoal, and they require replacement regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why I should use a range hood?

It removes gas-borne fuel, combustion products fumes, smoke steam, heat. And other substances out of the air through the elimination of air and filtering.

2. Which is a better option, a ducted or range hood that is ductless?

The main difference between ductless and other models is that models that have ducts can rid any steam from your cooking area.

They also block the growth of condensation. The ductless models will only reduce the odors. But will have no ability to eliminate the steam or stop condensation from growing.

3. What’s the main difference between a range hood that is convertible and recirculating?

A range hood that circulates will circulate the air in the kitchen. It doesn’t come with ductwork. Contrarily a convertible range hood is initially ductless. If you purchase either a kit to recirculate and charcoal filter. Then you can change the hood from being ducted to ductless.

4. What number of CFM will I require for a hood for a range?

A range hood fan must be able to move at least 100 CFM of air per 12 inches of the stove’s length. This means that you have an oven that measures 30 inches wide. You will require an air hood that has an air-flow fan that is rotating at a minimum of 250 CFM of air.


A convertible range hood is one kind of range that is perfect for your kitchen. The main and best feature of the range hood is you can convert it ducted to ductless. If you’re skilled and have the necessary tools. Then you may choose to install it yourself by following the directions above. If not, it’s better to seek experts to finish the job for you.

We hope now you have enough information about what is a convertible range hood? What are the most beneficial characteristics of the range hood that converts? After reading our article we expect you can choose the best convertible range hood for you. Thank you for reading.

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