Top 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying Guide

A poorly ventilated kitchen is prone to producing strong odors and poor air quality from smoke, grease, and aromas that are produced when you cook. You can cook easier by installing a range hood under the cabinet so that grease, moisture, and heat are drawn in. Once they have been filtered, they are recirculated or dispersed outside the home. So, range hoods are crucial for anyone who cooks at home.

By venting harmful fumes and smoke, they help to improve the air quality in your kitchen. The best 30-inch range hood will be compared as well as how pollutants can impact your health. Also, they provide a soft diffused glow for ambiance, as well as illumination for everyday cooking.

The range hood is to your guests’ eye level, so it will usually be the first thing they see when they enter a kitchen. This can be an attractive appliance for home decoration designers to add a bit of style.

In this article, you will discover everything you want to find out about the best 30-inch range hood in 2022. Make sure you would check out the reviews and buying guides of range hoods below so you can pick one that will fit your kitchen and your cooking needs without sacrificing value for money.

What Are the Benefits of Range Hoods?

wonderful range hood

Among the most important kitchen appliances, a range hood is undoubtedly one of them. It comprises a canopy, a blower, or other devices to extract the odors created by cooking and a fan to collect the air pollution. Range hoods maintain the kitchen’s air quality and make cleaning easier because they capture and eliminate the contaminated air at its source.

Whether or not it’s a regular use kitchen, have you ever had to clean it?- You may know how troublesome it is to remove the sticky film covering the cabinets and countertops, especially near the kitchen. Using a range hood can have the advantage of removing airborne grease before it settles everywhere and causes major cleanup headaches.

As an alternative to spending hours, scrubbing surfaces (often while using cleaning chemicals as well), turn the range hood on and stop the grease from flying.

It is quite uncomfortable to cook without a range hood, as any professional chef will tell you that It is hard to maintain your patience when you are being blasted with heat, steam, smoke, and odors right in your face.

We can avoid this annoying moment if there is a range hood with powerful suction and fresh air circulation. For this reason, all professional kitchens, such as those you might see on cooking shows on TVs, have a vent hood above the cooktop.

Having a range hood eliminates all worries. As soon as the cooking odors are gone, you can enjoy cooking fish, spices, exotic vegetables, and sauces again and again.

The formation and spread of diseases can be reduced and air quality improved. Kitchen ventilation is beneficial for your health. When properly installed and ducted, a kitchen range hood can improve the air quality not only in the kitchen, but throughout the entire house, by removing the excess moisture, airborne grease, and sticky film that attracts mold and bacteria.

Everyone can benefit from a range hood, not just those with allergies or breathing problems. Fresh air is pleasant for everyone!

Range hoods come in a variety of types and style

It is evident that range hoods offer a lot of benefits. There are several obvious benefits you will have of using this important appliance in your kitchen, as well as less obvious ones (cleaner cabinets and more creative cooking freedom). What’s the best choice for you?

The styles and designs of kitchen range hoods vary a great deal, but there are three basic types. A wall-mounted hood, island hood, under-cabinet hood belong to these three categories.

Wall-Mount or Chimney-Style Range Hoods: Above the range, they are mounted to the wall. It is not possible to install a microwave or upper cabinet over the range using this method, as you would need an open space between the cabinets and the range to do so.  However, full-size range hoods provide much better ventilation power than under-cabinet hoods or microwave/range hood combos.

Island-Mount or Ceiling-Mount Range Hoods: They are ceiling mounted, as their name implies. If you are going to place your cooktop/range on a peninsula or island in the center of your kitchen, you will need this style of the hood to ventilate it. As you might expect, that sounds like a lot more work. An overhead range hood typically requires a contractor to install, but its benefits are well worth it.

Under-cabinet, microwave, or Micro hood Range Hoods: The cost of these combinations is low, but they are not as powerful as the suction power of a full-size overhead range hood. Perhaps because of their smaller size, these combinations perform far less impressive than a full-size overhead range hood.

In order to provide a sufficient “capture area” and suction in the rising air pollution before it spreads too widely, the range hood should have the same width as the cooktop or range, or slightly wider.

Usually, hood manufacturers recommend a minimum height of 24″ to a maximum of 36″ for installation (depending on the hood manufacturer).

Venting Type for Range Hoods

We classified a range hood based on its physical shape and whether it extracts or recirculates air. The best range hood to use is one with an outside duct since it provides better performance, lower noise, and better air quality than recirculating and ductless models, which use charcoal filters when they filter air before recirculating it.

The additional filter lowers airflow performance, causes additional noise, and must be changed regularly, incurring ongoing costs.

Most full-size range hoods (island-mounted or wall-mounted) are duct-able or recirculating. Check with the range hood manufacturer to see whether the hood you’re considering can be used in such a way if you can only use a recirculating hood (for example, in a high-rise condominium or a cooperative building where it is unlikely to be possible to add an outside duct).

A range hood’s recirculation may require additional parts, while in other cases, it may provide you with the “recirculating kit”.

How to Choose the Best Range Hood (Range Hood Features-Buying Guide)

modern white range hood cover

Ensure that the model you choose is wider than the cooking surface. Here are a few features you should consider when choosing a range hood.

Using an exhaust timer

With this handy feature, it automatically turned the fan off after a certain period has passed.

Speed of fan

There were usually 3 to 6 fan speeds available on the hoods we tested. In order to maintain a comfortable environment while eating, we recommend using at least two-speed settings: one high setting to use when cooking and another very low setting, both silent, to use after cooking.

There should never be over three distinct speed settings. Alternatively, it could use a variable speed switch that the user can set to any speed desired by the user.

CFM Ratio

CFM is the volume of air being drawn in and expelled per minute by ducted range hoods. CFM is directly proportional to the power of the range hood. Calculate your kitchen’s CFM by dividing the BTU of your stove by 100 to determine how much air you need. Such as a range hood with a minimum air capacity of 220 CFM is required for a stove with 22,000 BTU.

Thermostat Control

Many models have a temperature sensor that automatically activates the fan if the temperature falls too low below the hood. Over-the-range microwaves are the most common models to have this feature. Microwave electronics are vulnerable to damage by high temperatures. That is why the thermostat exists.

A microwave exhaust fan comes on when the temperature under it rises too high to pull in cooler air from the rest of the kitchen. We do not recommend this feature in range hoods because it will pull more air to the fire when you are cooking with oil. This will fan the fire and make matters worse if your pan catches fire as it cooks.

Circulation of air

Air exhaustion units are marketed as cubic feet per minute (CFM). It’s true that more airflow means faster ventilation, but that doesn’t mean your kitchen will capture and eliminate smoke better. Our tests found that many hoods with modest airflow also vented, as well as those with twice as much airflow.


Various mounting styles are available for range hoods. You can literally mount range hoods under cabinets. Compared to other range hoods, they are typically smaller, but they also blend in with the surrounding range. Wall-mounted range hoods do not have cabinets above them. Among wall-mounted range hoods, it’s important to know which ones are ducted and which are not.

A chimney-style range hood is the most common. Thus, air and particles are drawn into a shaft and emitted outside. A downdraft rangehood, however, might be better for those who prefer sleek kitchens. It integrated such range hoods into their ranges.

The most common versions include telescopic models that extend a few inches above the range. However, as they can’t efficiently purify the air and are expensive, they’re inferior range hoods.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Range Hood?

convertiable range hood

What is better, a ductless, or a vented system? As a ductless hood will disperse smoke and odors throughout the entire house, we do not recommend it. The best way to ventilate your range hood is to vent it to the outside, but it is more complex to install.

Choose a type that will work for you. Wall cabinets usually come with under cabinet hoods. For models mounted on exterior walls, ductwork can pass through the cabinet and out through the back, or some models can have ductwork installed directly under the hood. In either case, ducts need to be run through the cabinet and into the chase, soffit, or ceiling.

How can a range hood be measured easily?

You should measure how wide your cooking surface is. Many older kitchens use 24-inch cooktops, but some newer ones use 30-inch and 36-inches wide cooktops. Ideally, you want your downdraft hood to match your oven’s width exactly so it can be installed directly behind it and be as close to it as possible.

The width between the cabinets should be measured. Over the range or cooktop, measure the width. There are usually three widths for range hoods: 24″, 30″, and 36″. It needs to be the exact width of the cooking area.

Consult the manufacturer’s installation height recommendations and local building codes before installing your cooking appliance. As a general guide, the following clearances are typical:

  • Ideally, an electric cooktop or range should measure 24 inches minimum.
  • For gas ranges and cooktops, a minimum measurement of 27 inches is required.
  • For electric ranges and cooktops, only 36 inches is acceptable.

The distance between your hood and the cooking surface doesn’t need to be flush with the bottom of cabinets when it’s installed under a cabinet. Be sure that there is sufficient unobstructed space above the cooking surface for retractable downdraft hoods to function fully.

To determine the depth of the cooking surface, measure it. Excluding the control panel or trim, measure the cooktop surface front to back. Vent hoods should adequately protect the front and back.

It may need specialized range hoods for commercial and oversized ranges. You need a 24-inch-deep cabinet below the downdraft vent if you intend to use it. The countertop depth may need to be greater than 25 inches for some installations.

For the best 30-inch range hood, what should I look for?

To help you pick the right range hood, here are some important things to keep in mind.

  1. Size.
  2. Ventilation.
  3. Mount.
  4. Filters.
  5. Power.
  6. Height.
  7. CFM Ratio.
  8. and Range Hood Blower Noise.

You’ll be able to clear out all the unwanted residue, smell, smoke, and grease from the kitchen if you have a nice range hood. The result is that you save yourself hours of cleaning time and that your home (especially your kitchen) smells fresh.

Top 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood Reviews

BV 30 Inch Range Hood

Top 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying GuideTop 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying Guide

The product is simple but sleek and modern.  Featuring dual motors, a bright 2 Watt energy-saving LED light, and easy-to-remove and dishwasher-safe baffle filters, this 30″ range hood provides up to 750 CFM of airflow. 

BV 30 Inch Range Hood is a contemporary design range hood that has an 18 Gauge stainless steel body and comes with a bottom mount or backdraft design. Backdraft allows for minimal clearance to the wall.

They designed the venting system in such a way that it will remove smoke, odors, and grease from the kitchen, creating no noise.

Maintains the cooking area clean, odor-free, and smoke-free while protecting you with a modern and outstanding unique look. You can control the fan speed whether you need to use it high, mid, or low. Next, and what you will like most about this unit, is its power.

If you are searching for a hood that is easy to clean and also installation process is simple, then this BV 30 Inch under cabinet range hood obviously blows out your mind. As a whole, the price is very reasonable. BV’s customer service is excellent, and the product performs well.

What you’ll like?

  • Powerful and pretty quiet!
  • It has a very easy-to-use interface!
  • Easy to remove and clean!
  • Stainless steel material!


  • In the lower suction button position, the fans become louder over time.
  • It may be necessary to use pliers and a rag to remove nuts on fan lugs.
  • It’s hard to level it under the cabinet because the wire plug is on top of it. (That’s not how it generally goes.)

BROAN NuTone Range Hood

Top 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying GuideTop 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying Guide

Your home will breathe easier with Broan-NuTone exhaust ventilation fans, which will eliminate unpleasant odors and airborne contaminants in closets, laundry rooms, and workout zones. Homes with poor indoor air quality suffer several health problems.

This Broan-NuTone Glacier Stainless Steel Range Hood Insert with LED Lights will look fantastic in your kitchen and enhance your vibrant! A stainless steel range hood with 375 Max Blower CFM, the Glacier 30-Inch range hood complements any kitchen design.

Provides both an exhaust fan and an overhead light inside cabinets so you can get a complete kitchen ventilation solution. With the Capture system, 97.4% of smoke and cooking odor is removed faster, and the airflow is easily adjusted thanks to the 3-speed push-button control.

The system uses dual one-piece open mesh grease filters that are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.  3.15″ x 10″ horizontal or vertical ducting with damper, 7″ round vertical ducting (damper sold separately), or non-ducted with air recirculation (filter sold separately) for versatility in installation.

In case you cannot control blower speeds, you can control with the front button and light level. Even at high speed, the fan runs quietly, even with the pre-installed lights on. This hood has all these qualities which will make anyone very pleased with it and would recommend it to others.

What you’ll like?

  • An excellent product with a powerful motor.
  • with a rear rectangular vent can be installed.
  • Eliminates smoke odours quickly.
  • It is relatively quiet.
  • This is not a turbine, but a fan-driven model.


  • No brackets are included to make installation easier. ( The unit should be held upright by an additional person, however, while the screws are being installed.)

Cosmo 5U30 30 in. Range Hood

Top 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying GuideTop 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying Guide

Are you looking for a range hood that has a slim profile and saves space? The installation of this range hood under cabinets makes it ideal for apartments and condos. Convert to ductless by purchasing the Carbon Filter Kit (Part # CFK3-TM) (Separately Available). We can use it either for top or back venting.

The motor is 3-speed and has a maximum sound level of 56dB. Cosmo’s vent hood is quieter and more efficient than competing range hoods, but it still filters your kitchen. It can trap grease and oil using durable aluminum mesh filters.

The multilayer filters are more effective at trapping grease. You can choose from two exhaust ports in order to fit a variety of different configurations and homes.

Cosmo premium range hoods are built with cutting-edge technology and handcrafted with the utmost care. Clean your kitchen, cook with ease, and remain healthy as you do. They used a squirrel cage fan in this unit. This unit has 250 CFM, which is more than enough to evacuate smoke and grease. For this amount of money, you won’t find a better range hood.

What you’ll like?

  • Lights in the LEDs have a blue tint. It is good for the eyes. 
  • and it can pull air adequately.
  • There are two removable grease filters below the bottom intake area that allow access to the fan motor.
  • The front of the device has five push buttons that are clearly labeled.
  • Comes with 5 years of warranty.
  • The power cord for this unit comes is hardwired. No separate enclosure is needed.


  • Although it has drawbacks this range hood has not very good power quality.

IKTCH 30 Inch Range Hood

Top 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying GuideTop 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying Guide

In addition to eradicating cooking odors and fumes, the 30 inch Range Hood from IKTCH provides any kitchen with a polished look while also eradicating odors and fumes. You’ll be able to cook like never before with the IKTCH 30 Inch Range Hood.

Now you can cook like a pro and have a clean kitchen like a real chef, too. This is the best 30-inch range hood in 2022.

IKTCH 30 Inch Range Hood, a class apart from the rest, is the ultimate necessity for any kitchen for a thoroughly refined experience in cooking. The IKTCH Range Hood is a revolutionary product created with the aim to fulfill the requirements of all kinds of kitchens.

A perfect setting of intensity can be adjusted for each of the two LED lamps in IKTCH. The most important aspect is that it comes with a five-speed operation and dual ducting system, which effectively controls the flow of air.

Treat your kitchen to a modern hood that still respects tradition. The IKTCH 30″ range hood features a stainless steel finish with a full-view glass top to let you admire the quality craftsmanship and sleek design.

The exposed ducts add some industrial flair while the hidden panels on the bottom and sides make this appliance look as good from the back as it does from the front.

What you’ll like?

  • 900 CFM Large Airflow.
  • Gesture sensing and touch control are mind-blowing.
  • Comes with two sensing points.
  • Shut off functionality.
  • Ultra-quiet.


  • Quite expensive.
  • The touch screen is terrific, the LED fan speed display that grows continuously may irritate you.

Tieasy Range Hood

Top 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying GuideTop 5 Best 30-Inch Range Hood in 2022 With Reviews and Buying Guide

The Tieasy Range Hood is a sleek, efficient, and innovative kitchen accessory that adds style to your kitchen. Made of stainless steel and glass, the 30-inch hood comes with a 5-speed fan, two halogen lights that are dimmable, and five built-in air outlets that are angled to direct air evenly.

Perfect for small kitchens, the Tieasy Range Hood uses a damper system for effective and efficient airflow and a powerful fan for efficient ventilation. For homes with limited space, this range hood may be a good choice for you all the time.

This range hood is almond colored, so it will catch everyone’s love as an appealing appliance at your home. It has a seamless design that makes it look modern and sleek. The product is a range hood that is from the Tieasy brand and it has a filter of 3.5 inches.   

The blind filter can be removed and cleaned easily. LED light and a blower technology are used in it. You can take advantage of the lifetime warranty with this 30-inch range hood.

One of the most outstanding and marvelous products in residential kitchens is the high-end range hood for homeowners. The options for the multi-speed fan are impressive and can handle a variety of cooking duties.

Your kitchen will look more stylish with the space saver range Hood’s eye-catching curved design. Its powerful 600-CFM fan draws smoke, grease, and odors away from your stovetop and into your kitchen’s existing ductwork. The fan is reversible, so you can easily change its direction.

What you’ll like?

  • Adjustable chimney.
  • Baffle filter.
  • Easy push-button control.
  • The stainless steel is grade 430, the highest quality you can get.
  • Efficient suction provided by a powerful motor.


  • It’s not good for heavy loads but however, you can go with it for a day.
  • Noise and not good suction through multi fans. 


Ducted Ductless or Convertible Best?

Ans. The ductwork in a ducted range hood pulls particles into the hood and pushes them outside. Although effective, they are expensive. Unlike ductless range hoods, which recirculate the air through filters, ductless range hoods use no ducts. However, ductless range hoods use more maintenance since the filters must be changed. A convertible range hood can be used with or without ducts, though a separate filter may be necessary.

30-inch range hoods are how big?

Ans. 30-inch range hoods are approximately 30 inches wide. Most 36-inch ranges can be fitted with them. The width of a 36-inch range hood is also 36 inches. Ideally, a 42-inch range should be installed with a 36-inch range hood over it.

What would be better for indoors or outdoors, 30 inches or 36 inches?

Ans. You don’t have many options with range hoods in this size range whenever considering buying one.  These items are too small for outdoor installations because of their small size. Why is that?

The heat and fumes produced by outdoor grills are considerably stronger than those produced by indoor ranges. The suggested increase in size should be up to six inches on each side of the range, rather than three inches. Outside air moves much more quickly than indoor air. We will need a more powerful range hood to exhaust these fumes.

In addition to capturing and removing the smoke and fumes produced by cooking, an outdoor range hood can also be used as a vent. There is too little coverage outside with range hoods up to 30″ and 36″.

Final Verdict

Investing in a 30-inch range hood can help eliminate odors, smoke, grease, and other unpleasant smells from your kitchen. You can also enhance the look of your kitchen with these decorative pieces.

Ensure that your kitchen remains clean until it is completely quiet. The best 30-inch range hood for a healthier life is one that you can get for your family. While the BV Range Hood – 30 Inch and Cosmo 5U30 30-inch is not an incredibly strong hood for its size, it has an excellent build quality and is built to last for many days.

For the best quality, Cosmo always wins, however, even if the BV range hood is a bit more expensive. You might think about it too.

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