Kobe Range Hood Reviews

Range hoods are types of devices employed to remove smoke, steam, or odors from cooking areas in kitchens. They can also help reduce noise levels by directing air away from kitchen surfaces. With many brands available on the market today, it can be daunting for consumers to choose which one is right for them. Though this is true, Kobe range hoods tend to outshine their competition with ease. This article will provide you with information about the 5 best Kobe Range Hood reviews and what makes these products so great.

5 Best Kobe Range Hood Reviews

Here are our top 5 best Kobe range hood reviews listed below take a look and pick your favorite one!

KOBE RAX2136SQB-1 Brillia Range Hood

KOBE RAX2136SQB-1 Brillia Range Hood

If you need a range hood with energy efficiency, compact design, and sophisticated features, then looks no further than the KOBE RAX 2136 SQB 1. It has all that you want in a single unit. The shiny finish looks modern while its stainless steel construction ensures durability. Its high-performance motor provides excellent airflow capacity as well as quiet operation. You don’t have to worry about any maintenance issues because it comes with a 2-year warranty.

Kobe range hood

The KOBE RAX features a 3-speed push-button mechanism and a LED display panel. These two elements make your life easier when using the product. The fans run at a low speed of 300 CFM during light usage but increase automatically to 750 CFM once there is more heat generated. If you prefer not to adjust the fan speeds manually, you can simply set up the timer function.

  • Energy efficient
  • Various sizes available
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to install
  • Weak airflow
  • Heavier range hood
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Kobe CHX9136SQB Range Hood

Kobe CHX9136SQB Range Hood

Designed with a stylish and shiny appearance, the Kobe CHX 9136 SQB offers superior quality and functionality. It has a powerful blower system that allows users to enjoy clean and fresh air even after long hours of cooking. Moreover, it includes various accessories such as grills, filters, and vents. All these components come together to create a complete package that meets every homeowner’s needs.

It is equipped with 18-gauge stainless steel, which helps maintain its strength over time. In addition, it is easy to assemble since it only requires screws and nuts.

 Kobe brand Range Hood

What’s more? It has a maximum speed of up to 680 CFM, which means you won’t experience any problem running multiple appliances simultaneously.

With its unique design, the Kobe CHX series is ideal for commercial applications. For example, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, etc., can benefit greatly from having this model installed. Not only does it offer top-notch performance, but it also saves money through reduced electricity bills.

  • Easy installation
  • Durable material
  • Quiet mode
  • Easy to operate
  • Little maintenance required
  • Easily shows fingerprints and grease
  • Heavier design
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KOBE RA3830SQB-WM-5 Deluxe Range Hood


If you fancy a powerful motor and advanced technology, then the KOBE RA 3830 SQB WM 5 is just perfect for you. With its elegant color, it gives off a classy vibe. Besides, it is designed with durable materials that ensure longevity. Furthermore, it is equipped with numerous functions including an adjustable grill, and variable speed control.

It comes with 3-speed levels, allowing you to choose between slow, medium, or fast settings depending on how much food you are preparing. This feature makes sure that you get the right amount of ventilation without wasting energy.

wall mounted kitchen  hood

Moreover, it uses the 3-baffle filters that help remove odors and smoke particles. As a result, you will always feel comfortable around the kitchen area.

  • Easy to maintain, operate, and clean
  • Higher airflow rate
  • 2-years warranty
  • Minimal or Zero noise
  • Durable construction and simple design
  • Unreliable LED light
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KOBE CHX9130SQB-1 Brillia 30-inch Range Hood

Kobe CHX9130SQB 1 Brilla 30 inch

The best for the money option is the Kobe CHX9130SQB 1 Brilla 30 inch. Its modern look and sturdy build make it one of the most popular models in the market today. The unit features a high-capacity blower that ensures optimal air circulation throughout your home.

Kobe best range hood

Besides sturdy construction, it has other landmarks such as easy control, energy-efficient light, and quieter operation. It comes in two sizes (30 or 36), which are compact and heavy. The other critical thing is that it runs at 680 CFM, which allows you to run several appliances at once.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Energy-efficient lights
  • Little maintenance
  • Quieter operation
  • Highly effective fan
  • Compact size
  • Noise-free operation
  • Long-lasting life span
  • Expensive
  • Quite heavy
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KOBE CHX3830SQBD-3 Brillia 30-inch Range Hood

KOBEYCHX3830SQ BD 3 Brillia 30 Inch

If you have a small kitchen without a ventilation system or you’re looking forward to replacing the worn-out old range hood, then the KOBEYCHX3830SQ BD 3 Brillia 30 Inch would be the best choice for you. It has been built using quality components like stainless steel and aluminum. Moreover, it offers superior heat dissipation capabilities.

Although it’s a less powerful blower, it still provides enough power and other critical features. The 18-gauge stainless steel ducting is strong and long-lasting. You can easily install this model by yourself within minutes.

KOBE 30 Inch range hood

It weighs 37.5 pounds but only requires minimal space. Its maximum power speed is 400 CFM, which is sufficient for your needs. Therefore, if you want something stylish yet functional, then this product is worth considering.

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  • Its attractive design boosts the kitchen aesthetic
  • Quality materials used
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Low price
  • Quiet mode
  • Quick installation
  • Weak blower for heavy tasks
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How to choose the Right Kobe Range Hood

When it comes to purchasing the right Kobe Range Hood, there are many things you’ll need to consider before making a final decision.

1. Installation Options

The first step when choosing a new range hood is deciding whether you’d prefer installing it inside or outside your house. If you decide to go with the former, then you must ensure that you’ve got adequate room for its placement. Also, check if the location where you plan to place the range hood suits your style. For example, if you live in a contemporary-styled home, then you might not want to put up a bulky appliance next to the wall.

2. Consider the Power (CFM)

The second factor to consider while selecting a range hood is how much power it will provide. A higher number means more airflow, so you may find some units too noisy. However, if you don’t mind the noise, then you could opt for those with lower numbers.

3. Additional Features

Some models come equipped with additional features such as remote controls, timers, etc. These add convenience and functionality to your cooking experience. So make sure they suit your lifestyle and budget.

4. Noise Level

Another important consideration is the level of noise produced by the unit. This depends on the type of material used to build the range hood. Stainless steel ranges produce little sound compared to others made from plastic.

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5. Warranty Period

 Lastly, look at the warranty period offered by each brand. Some offer limited warranties whereas others cover their products for years. Make sure you get one that covers all parts and accessories included in the package.

Frequently asked questions

Why would you consider Kobe Range Hood Over Other Brands?

Kobe is a world-class brand. It’s popularly known, thanks to high-quality and durable products offered. The company has been in business for over 20 years and is still growing; thanks to their aesthetic look of products and other awesome deals.

Is a Blower System employed in the Kobe Range Hoods?

Yes! All the range hoods feature powerful blowers that help circulate air throughout the entire kitchen area. There are two kinds of blowers employed in the Kobe Range Hoods. These are a single horizontal squirrel cage and a twin vertical turbine impeller. The two fans are liable for circulating hot air out of the oven cavity and exhausting them through a duct system.

What is the ideal size range hood?

The rule of thumb is to have enough space around the range hood to allow easy access without having to bend down. You can also measure the height of the ceiling above the range hood. Ideally, this distance should be between 30 inches and 36 inches.

How to know if your hood is too loud?

If you’re looking for a quiet range hood, then you need to pay attention to the CFMs provided by the product. Higher CFMs means less noise. On average, most range hoods emit about 50 CFM. But there are some which exceed 100 CFM.

How often do you clean Hood’s filters?

You’ll need to change the filter every three months or after six hours of continuous operation. If you notice any discoloration or odor coming off the filter, then replace it immediately.

Where to buy a good quality range hood?

One of the best places to buy the best range hood is Amazon. You can search “range hood” at Amazon and choose the highest-rated product.


In a nutshell, buying the best Kobe Range Hood is the right option. These products will not only improve the appearance of your home but also enhance its value. With this best Kobe Range Hood reviews guide, you won’t find yourself confused when making a decision.

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