How to clean the inside of a range hood

The kitchen is part of our life. You are living alone or living with family, you will need an organized kitchen for cooking. We decorate our kitchen with various items. We add or remove many appliances for upgrading our kitchen. Among them, the range hood is one of the essential appliances of a kitchen. 

Nowadays, every homeowner sets up a range hood in their kitchen. There are a variety of range hoods in the marketplace. You visit there and buy the best one for your kitchen, according to your kitchen size, stove-top size, etc.   

But did you ever think about how to clean the inside of a range hood? If you want to know a proper guideline about cleaning the inside of the range hood, then this article is for you. We are going to show you the whole cleaning process step by step. Then you’ll be capable of cleaning the range hood on your own. 

Before we jump on our topic, let’s share some points about range hood.

What is a range hood? 

A range hood is an appliance that is used in the kitchen for removing the greases, smokes, and odours from your kitchen. It cleans your kitchen air. 

Why should I install a range hood?

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Without a range hood or proper ventilation systems, your kitchen air won’t be fresh. Because when you cook your food and the stoves provides heats, smokes. Sometimes it produces a lot of smoke so that you won’t be able to work in your kitchen.

So, if you don’t have any ventilation system in your kitchen, you should install a range hood.

Why should I clean the range hood?

It cleans your kitchen air. It removes smoke, odour, and greases from your kitchen. So, it usually will get dirty of the greases or odours will also stick in your filters, exhaust fan. 

If you clean the range hood’s part regularly then it will work effectively and provide well ventilation systems. 

How to clean the inside of a range hood

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The majority of us believe that everyone should take care of the exterior or outside of the range hood that allows ventilation for our kitchens. But the exterior of the hood of your range isn’t the only area that needs cleaning. 

To ensure the longevity and effectiveness that your range hood has, its inside must be cleaned too. A build-up of grease can hinder the air in your kitchen from entirely exiting your home.

The method below is excellent for cleaning inside of a range hood

Essential Elements: 
  • Towels
  • Dry cloth
  • Cleaning solution
  • Soft Scrub 

(Important Note: First of all, disconnect or unplug the range hood from electricity. We are going to clean inside of a range hood and there many things that are inside it. These things work with electricity. So before you start the cleaning process, make sure that you unplug your range hood from electricity.

Secondly, do not spray any cleaning solution or any cleaner or soap water inside of a range hood. As we told you before that there are many electrics components such as circuit board, wirings are installed in a range hood. If you directly use your cleaning solution on these components, there is a big chance that these internal components won’t work again. So be aware of that.)  

Step 1

Remove the filter

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First of all, you have to remove the filters. Once you are able to remove the filters, you will see the inside of the range hood. You will see the blowers and circuit board, wiring, and other components. 

Blowers are an essential element of the range hood. It helps the entire range hood for the ventilation system. The blowers could also restrict the ability to clean inside the hood of your range. It is recommended that you maneuver around the blower to clean the inside of your range hood.

Step 2

Add water in cloth or towel 

Add water in cloth or towel. Make the cloth or towel a little wet. Don’t use much water in the towel or cloth. Because using water may damage inside of your range hood. 

Step 3

Using cleaner or the solution to a cloth, towel 

If your hood requires more than a basic clean, there are several alternatives to tackle difficult staining. Glass cleaner can clear your hood of any mild dirt build-up. Acetone or cleaning solution is more effective in getting rid of tougher greases, and soft scrub can take on the most challenging staining.

Lastly, we recommend soft scrub, and we would only recommend it to those who have frequently used your hood in a barbecue outdoor as the oil is tough to work with. Besides, if you use your range hood frequently, like in restaurants, you can also use soft scrub. 

If you choose to use a soft scrub, make sure that it contains no grit. This will ensure the stainless steel look that is on the hood. Use a soft scrub on a white scotch pad to provide the steel with a clean and smooth. Add solution to the cloth or towel. 

(Note: You can use water if you want, you can also use any cleaning solution to clean inside your range hood. Just make sure don’t use much of these cleaning solutions. You can also make your own cleaning solution just using soap or detergent) 

Step 4

Clean inside of range hood 

First of all, if you want to use any cleaner or cleaning solution for the cleaning process, then use the wet towel or cloth that has the solution. After that, you need to use a wet cloth or towel that has water. Lastly, you can use a dry towel for the final cleaning.  

If you’re not sure the direction that the grain is running in the stainless steel, you can try wiping the device horizontally and vertically using a dry cloth. There could be a little bit of resistance while you clean the grain.

Every stainless steel has grains. According to the method used for production, the grain may be either horizontal or vertical. To ensure a smooth and precise finish, ensure that you wipe the grain.

Step 5

Place the filter 

After cleaning the inside of a range hood, you must place the filters back to their position. Be sure that there is no water in the Range Hood. You also can let the hood dry for 1 to 2 hours. Then plugin with the electricity and start your range hood use.  

We show you the whole cleaning process is simple 5 steps. We hope you will get the answer to How to clean the inside of a range hood. 

How to Clean a Range Hood Filters

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In the above, we talked about how to clean the inside of a range hood. We showed you the whole cleaning process but did you notice the filters come first. I mean, when you are about to open to see the inside of the range hood, you must open the filters. After that, you will be able to clean inside if a range hood. 

Range hood filters are also an essential part of a range hood. It traps greases, odours and helps to remove the smoke from your kitchen. Because of removing greases, odours, or smoke, these filters also get dirty. It is necessary to clean or replace filters to improve the performance of your range hood.

There are various types of filters that are available for the range hoods. You can use stainless steel filters or aluminum filters, charcoal filters. If you use charcoal filters, then you must replace them after 1 or 2 months. But when you use grease filters or stainless steel filers, you are able to wash them.  

Now, we will show you how to clean a range hood filters step by step

Step 1: Mark and find the filters

You will notice that grease filters have a rectangular shape. They are made from steel mesh or aluminum. You can quickly locate the filters.

Step 2: Take out the filters

To clean your filters, you must remove the filter out of your range hood. You need to remove it must. There is a way to pull out the tabs or levers which hold the filter. Most filters are easy to take out. However, some filters can be stuck due to heavy grease build-up. You can get rid of complicated filters by moving an ice cream knife along the edges.

Step 3: Place the filters in sink, bowl, or pan

Place the grease filter in an empty bowl or container with water. This is the place where you’ll be required to clean the filter and then soak them in the solution. The pan needs to be deep enough to ensure that your filter can be submerged by the solution to wash it. Standard sheet pans are ideal in all types of grease filters.

Step 4: Add/Combine baking soda with dish soap

baking soda

Mix baking soda with dish soap slowly. Then, mix it in large pots of hot water. Baking soda, dish soap as well as other baking components help for the dissolving of grease in water. 

It is suggested to gradually add baking soda and let the mixture cool. This keeps the temperature from becoming too hot. Combining these two components makes an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution. Additionally, it quickly and effectively removes complex grease accumulation.

Step 5: Add cleaning solution to boiled water

Remember, the water needs to be enough boiled. Boiled water or hot water dissolves the greases from the filters. This will let the cleaner completely penetrate your filter. 

Once the water begins to boil, take it from the flame. If you stir it frequently, bubbles can form due to dish soap. They may splash onto your stove.

Step 5: Pour hot cleaning solution on the filters

pouring boiling water

Pour the cleaning solution slowly over the filter to prevent the formation of a backsplash. Continue adding the solution and make sure that the filter is submerged completely in the pot or sink. 

Any additional solution should be kept warm in case of very massive grease build-up. The filter must be soaked with the solution as it is heated. The metal filter can create nonstick-coated surfaces that be damaged. 

The majority of grease filters aren’t covered by pots big enough to completely cover them. That means you have to clean the filter in one go. 

Step 6: Soak the filters for some times

Let the filter soak for 15 to 30 minutes. The grease will gradually dissolve while the filter soaks. The filter must be allowed to soak longer if it’s dirty. It is possible to let the filter soak for up to an hour in the event that it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time.

Step 7: Get rid of the greases

cleaning process of range hood filter

Get rid of any grease by rubbing the filter. You can use a soft-bristled or a sponge to get rid of any grease left. The grease should be removed. To ensure that your filter isn’t damaged, do not scrub it with too much force. It is possible to re-soak your filter in a clean solution in case there is a little grease left.

Step 8: Clean the filters using warm water

 Make use of hot water to clean the filter with as much grease and other leftovers as you are able to. The residue and grease can stick to the filter more quickly in the event that they remain filthy. Clean filters can minimize the possibility of accumulation.

Step 9: Dry the filters using the towel

It is recommended that your filter be dry to the touch. You can use a towel to soak the water from the filters. When you install the filter, you won’t need moisture. It’s better to dry the filter using air rather than using the use of a cloth. After an hour up to 2 hours of drying by air, the filter must be completely dry.

Lastly, we recommend that your grease filters must be cleaned regularly. Cooking may make it imperative to clean your grease filters regularly. Regular cleaning can help the filters to run more efficiently. It also reduces the risk of accumulating grease.

How to clean range hood fans

range hood motor

we just showed you how to clean the inside of a range hood, how to Clean a Range Hood Filter step by step.  Now it is time to know how clean range hood fans to finish your entire range hood cleaning process once for all. Cleaning inside of a range hood and cleaning range hood filters provide more power to your range hood. It provides more effectiveness and generates more power. But when you are about to clean these components of a range hood, you will also find your exhaust fan. An exhaust fan is another important part of a range hood. It helps to remove smoke from your kitchen and also helps to trap greases from your kitchen. 

Here is our proper guidance on how to clean range hood fans as a complete beginner 


1. Baking soda

2. Soap

3. Towel and cloth

4. Hot water

Important Note: As we told you before when you are about to clean the range hood (Inside or Outside), you just need to unplug the range hood from the electricity. This is due to the use of water to clean appliances that are connected to outlets can pose an electrocution hazard.

If you’ve been able to reduce the risk from electric shock, take a second look at the possibility of burning. Of course, ovens and stoves can be extremely hot. Avoid undertaking a clean-up task on the stove or range hood when you’ve just cooked. It is better to wait for at least one hour for your oven to cool down before beginning cleaning. A mistake of leaning onto the hot stove while you clean can result in serious injuries.

Be sure that any chemicals you apply are safe for use in food preparation areas. Additionally, whenever it is possible, be sure to air-condition the area you’re working in when you’re spraying chemicals.

Step 1

Do not spray or do not wet any electrical component

Don’t allow the electrical components to become submerged. Do not spray cleaner or water onto the inside of the fan. Always employ a sponge or cloth. In the case of moisture, the internal components can lead to electrical problems. This also decreases the lifespan of your exhaust system. 

Step 2

Discard or remove any visible grease

Clean any grease residue. If you clean the blades of your fan are clean, they’ll work more effectively. This will give you greater air circulation and will prolong the life of the blower. It is recommended that you don’t put grease on the walls or inside them. Grease filter oil collects air-born grease. This could lead to a hazardous build-up of oil. 

You can use dishwasher soap or any kind of kitchen degreaser for removing odours or greases. But you need to wear hand gloves for these things. The more concentrated, the cleaner solution will adhere to the build-up and gradually dissolve it. The solution should be left to rest for at least 15-30 minutes and then wipe off any grease using an easy sponge. A little grease build-up can be removed with the baking soda solution. Also, a non-abrasive sponge. If you do not have baking soda, combine dish soap with warm water to make an effective degreasing solution. 

Now use any dry cloth or any towel for any water drop. Let the fan dry for 20 to 30 minutes for dry. After that, you can install or set up the fan into your range hood. In the end, the exhaust fan is able to return to its original efficiency. Before you turn on an appliance that is electrical, make sure that it’s connected directly to the wall. The exhaust fan or microwave should be plugged in. To ensure that everything is functioning correctly, then turn on the fan. 

Tips:  The cleaning of your range hood fan on a regular basis can assist in running more efficiently and even extend its lifespan. Rub the hood gently to remove any grease or food that has gotten stuck. It’s unlikely to remove all the debris from the hood or fan; however, it’s the best way to start.


we would appreciate having reached this point. We discuss How to clean the inside of a range hood, How to Clean a Range Hood Filter, How to clean a range hood fan. 

We hope that you get some benefit from this article and are able to clean your range hood by yourself. Thank you for being with us.

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