Best under cabinet range hood

If your kitchen does not have a range hood or any ventilation system. You will face some problems like odors, smoke, and greases from cooking in your kitchen. This can cause unpleasant smells and poor-quality air. As well as grease-splattered cook stations which can be uncomfortable for you and your family. So the solution to this problem uses a best under cabinet range hood to reduce heat, moisture, and cooking grease from your kitchen.

It’s important to have a high-quality range hood in your kitchen. This appliance has been an integral part of modern kitchens for many years. The range hood will help you to clean the air in your kitchen.

There are many range hoods available but we have picked the top 10 best under cabinet range hoods for you regardless of our customer’s user experience and their honest reviews.

So let’s get started.

What are under-cabinet range hoods?

An under cabinet range hood allows your chimney to be mounted under the cabinets above your stovetop. This helps maintain the decor and appearance of your kitchen.

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These are the types of range hoods that are mounted on kitchen walls. Kitchen hoods are usually installed underneath a cabinet. And it is secured to the wall by brackets. It will allow your kitchen to look elegant and also provide adequate venting.

Under-cabinet hoods are great to save space. These hoods, which are very slim, allowing you to place your oven higher than your cabinets.

Types of under cabinet range hood

There are many options when it comes to range hoods. One of these is the under cabinet range hood. Besides, there are two different types of under cabinet range hood. One is the ducted under-cabinet range hood, while the other one is ductless. You must have the right appliance to properly collect steam, fumes, odors, and smoke from your kitchen.

Ducted Range Hoods

These range hoods are pretty common and familiar, especially in commercial kitchens. You might not be capable of installing them. Because you will need pipes connecting your kitchen hood with the outdoors. If your cooking space is very close to a wall, you won’t be able to install a ducted range hood.

Ductless Range Hoods

A ductless range hood does not require a kitchen exterior. You can easily install this type of hood anywhere in your kitchen. This type of hood works by drawing in air from the outside of the kitchen. Then filtering it, and lastly blowing it back inside the room. A ducted range hood will remove steam, humidity, and smoke. It works more efficiently than traditional recirculating air.

The ductless hood offers more versatility than other options and can be mounted almost anywhere. There are no vents and ducts to be concerned about. Because it only filters the air before recirculating it. Your kitchen may become humid sometimes. Especially if your cooking is intense.

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It uses a recirculation method to carry the smoke and steam outside of the range hood. You should change the filters once or twice per year to ensure that your range hood is working efficiently. One major problem with them is that you need to install them in an area that has a conduit system that runs outside your building. This is not true for all types and styles of kitchens.

Best Under Cabinet Range Hood: A proper buying guide

There are many important points you need to know about under the cabinet range hood before buying it. These points below will guide you to make an informed purchase based on its most crucial and valuable features.


It is primarily important to choose a trusted brand when buying hoods. You will receive a high-quality product, services, and support for any issues you might have after installation.

But the actual fact is that brands are not all the same. Some brands are more focused on quality products. While others care more about customers. We selected the best-rated brands, which offer high-quality products at an affordable price. And have great customers feedback.


Before choosing a range hood, you have to think about the size of it and also the kitchen. It is critical to select the right and perfect size range hood in your kitchen. You will need to measure the size of the cooktop and the hood. It can be easily installed in your kitchen. Still, if you’re not sure what size of range hood do you need then check this article where we give all the answers to your questions about range hood size.


Another critical thing to remember is the power of the range hood. Before you buy a range hood, consider the power it can produce. The power of the range hood is measured by CMF. CFM refers to the amount of airflow per minute in range hoods.

The exhaust fan of the hood produces 300-350 CFM of airflow. This is enough and efficient to remove the cooking smells, smoke, and steam from your kitchen. For those who spend most of their time in the kitchen, a kitchen hood with 450-CFM is the best choice for them.

The CFM of your kitchen hood will affect the sound level. That’s mean the more power the hood provides, and it may produce more sounds.

CFMs that are higher will lead to a rise in range hood prices. If you cook only occasionally, you don’t necessarily need a range hood that is powerful.


In under cabinet range hood, you will get aluminum filters. You can wash these filters with your hand or in the dishwasher.

Some range hoods can be washed with charcoal filters, but they cannot be washed. Some hoods have indicator lights that indicate when the filters need to change or be cleaned.

Fan Speeds

A range hood with multiple fan speeds is not always the best source of ventilation. Though under cabinet hood may have a two-speed fan. It will be just as efficient with five, and it will still work as well. You need to have powerful but quiet ventilation. This is even more crucial in the long term.


There are many lighting options available for range hoods. These include incandescent, fluorescent, and LED lighting. Because LED lighting is brighter, people prefer it. For maximum illumination, range hoods with 2 to 4 bulbs will be the best.

Energy Efficiency

We found that the majority of under-mount range hoods are rated highly. The under cabinet range is twice as efficient as an induction cooktop.

Many range hoods include energy-saving features such as LED lamps, auto delay switches off, and other energy-saving options.


The sound level of range hoods is measured by sone. The best rating of sone is 4.

Before buying an under cabinet range hood, check the maximum noise level and minimum sound level to ensure you are getting a range that is quiet.

A low noise-producing hood helps you to enjoy working in the kitchen. As well as listening to any audio/videos that may help with your cooking.


Basic models of under cabinet range are capable of keeping your kitchen clear of smoke and odors. You can enhance the look of your kitchen with more expensive options. We recommend you look at them. You can choose what you wish to do on your own.

Top ten best under cabinet range hood:

1. Cosmo COS-QS75 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood

Best under cabinet range hoodBest under cabinet range hood

In our list, we added an affordable 30-inch modern range hood from the brand COSMO. It is the most popular and best under the cabinet range hood. Cosmo offers a 30″ stylish under cabinet range hood. This hood is high-efficiency and top vented.

This under cabinet range hood is specially designed for people with small space. This hood provides 500 CFM airflow, and it has a four-speed fan rate, which will help you to clean the air of your kitchen.

It has stainless steel permanent filters, which are removable. So you can easily wash these filters, and it is also dishwasher safe. Carbon filters are also available to be used as a ductless range hood.
In this filter, you will get a remote control bulb so that you can control the light of the hood. You will also get a bulb and Damper, fan, hardware, installation kit, and power cord.

This hood saves money because the hood is quiet and energy-efficient. So anyone who is looking for the best hood should consider it. And also high-lumen, LED lighting.

best ductless range hood with chaircol fiter

The device can be changed from any place you like. You can change it ducted to completely ductless. An optional carbon filter is also available, and you will get it free.

  • This hood has a premium look and design.
  • It is one of the affordable range hood.
  • It has a four-speed fan with 500 CMF.
  • You can control the light through a remote.
  • You can easily wash the filters in the dishwasher.

  • You won’t get any replacement for the dampers.
  • You cannot vent the rear side.
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2. Cosmo 5MU30 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood with Ducted / Ductless Convertible

Best under cabinet range hoodBest under cabinet range hood

In our list, we added Cosmo 5MU30 30 inches as the second option. This under-cabinet range hood is also manufactured by COSMO. It is flexible 30″ under the cabinet range hood. You can easily install this hood.

The best feature of this hood is you can ultimately convert it ductless to ducted by closing the ends. If you want to use it as ducted, you need to install this hood either at the rear or at the top.

The control panel is highly user-friendly. You can control 200CFM airflow using simple push buttons. You can eliminate some of the control problems. The device comes with enough protection leads. You won’t get any dents when you arrive. The hood also includes a 5-foot ducted vent. The appliance’s voltage is 110-120Volts. It has a 3-speed motor and a maximum sound quality of 65dB.

best ductless range hood

The installation process is also simple. It can be installed in your home quickly. The appliance comes with all the necessary tools and screws. The filter package comes with all the required tools and screws. But, if you require charcoal filters for ductless installation, you’ll need to separate them.

  • You can easily control this hood with the control panel.
  • It has two 3-watt LED lights.
  • This hood has a premium look, design, and slim body.
  • The process of this hood’s installation is relatively easy.
  • The hood produces low sounds.
  • The LED lights are may not enough for your cooktop.
  • You won’t be able to wash the filters in the dishwasher.
  • The fans are not that much intense, but it will work.
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3. Kitchenexus 30 inch under cabinet range hood

Best under cabinet range hoodBest under cabinet range hood

Kitchenexus is another well-known brand. They provide attractive, high-quality best-under cabinet range hoods. It is a 30 inch modern, sleek hood.

This hood has baffle filters, LED lights. The filters remove any unwanted smoke, steam, grease, or other substances from your kitchen. These filters are washable in the dishwasher. And can last for many years. They are also easy to install.

The slim, elegant design of the hood will impress everyone. It comes with effective power fans. There is also a 3-speed push-button panel and 300 CFM capacity with the powerful Bronze motor.

under cabinet range hood

This hood is ETL certified and did not compromise on quality. This is a premium and best quality range hood. The elegant brushed stainless steel matches perfectly with existing kitchen appliances. Also creating a high-class modern look.

  • This is ETL certified range hood.
  • Modern slim design with affordable price.
  • This hood has a powerful bronze motor.
  • This hood produces 300 CFM airflow.
  • This hood has new hybrid baffle filters; you can easily wash these.
  • This hood is easy to operate.
  • There are no protective films for stainless steel.
  • This hood is not quiet at all.
  • Airflow capacity isn’t that much.
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4. FOTILE JQG7505 30” Under-Cabinet or Wall-Mount Range Hood

Best under cabinet range hoodBest under cabinet range hood

FOTILE JQG7505 30 inch hood is another best range hood from the brand FOTILE. This hood comes with dual DC motors. It is a 30-inch side-draft range hood. The motors of this hood produce maximum static pressure at 540Pa. And this increases the effectiveness of range hood 30%, provides a low noise level to 39dB. So that you can listen to music or watch videos while cooking. The motor with dual centrifugal force and the impeller separates grease and fumes up to 92%. And reduce odors 98% from the air of your kitchen.

The best feature of this hood is infrared technology sensors. That’s means you don’t have wet or greasy hands to touch it. You can turn the hood on/off by simply waving your hands.

under cabinet kitchen hood

It offers 750-800 CFM airflow, with four-speed fans that can be quickly adjusted. You need to hold quick stri-fry mode for at least 2 seconds. This allows you to instantly get rid of smoke when cooking fajitas or pepper steak, pan-fried Salmon, and so on. The maximum wattage for this unit is 210W.

With the hood, you get 6″ round duct pipes. You can also remove the filter tray and reinstall it for quick cleaning.

  • You will get professional installation services for this range hood.
  • You will get INDUSTRY WARRANTY SERVICES (5 years).
  • Touch Screen, Quick Stir Fry mode, and infrared technology sensors are available.
  • You can use it as wall mounted range hood too.
  • 4-speed fan with 750 to 800 CMF provides airflow to your kitchen.
  • This hood does not have an auto-clean system/feature.
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5. Awoco RH-C06-30 classic stainless steel under cabinet

Best under cabinet range hoodBest under cabinet range hood

Awoco RH-C06-30 is an excellent choice for commercial and residential use. It is one of the great under cabinet range hoods from the brand AWOCO. This professional range hood in stainless steel is 30’’ and offers 900 CFM of airflow. It adds a trendy and fashionable look to your kitchen.

The appliance features a 1mm thick stainless steel and brush finishing. The hood is equipped with energy-saving bright LED lights. These LEDs shine bright enough to cover the entire stovetop. It has two stainless steel baffle filters. You can clean and wash your filters easily. These filters are also dish-washer-free. The hood comes with an air damper with an exhaust vent that is 6 inches in diameter.

under cabinet cooker hood

You can simply clean the grease off the tray by washing it. There are four speeds fans. You can speed up the hood’s power from a timer of 3 minutes. This can be used both for light cooking and high-steaming. The noise level of the minimum unit is 49dB/4.5 SONES, while it can produce a maximum volume of 62dB/11.0 SONES.

  • This hood has two stainless baffle filters.
  • Four-speed powerful exhaust system.
  • Dish-washer-free baffle filters.
  • Automatic shutdown system with three minutes timer.


  • You have to use the push button every time to turn it on.
  • Little bit difficult to install.
  • LED lights are not enough for your kitchen.
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6. Broan-NuTone 413004 Non-Ducted/Ductless Under-Cabinet Range Hood

Best under cabinet range hoodBest under cabinet range hood

We added to our list the Broan-NuTone 413004 under cabinet range hood from the famous brand Broan. It is an affordable range with the best features and qualities. It is one of our favorite and best under cabinet range hoods. It is a 30 inch hood with high quality and value that offers effective filtration and high quality.

It comes with a removable filter which is made from a combination of grease and charcoal filter. Because of this filter, the hood can effectively remove odors and smoke from your kitchen.

This hood features mitered sides and hemmed bottom edges. There is no sharp edge for safety or aesthetics. The airflow capacity is 160CFM. Power ratings are 120 Volts/240 Wattage.

The vent comes with75-Watt incandescent lighting. The light distributes over the stovetop. They can be replaced so that grease capture is optimal and your kitchen remains fresh.

Broan Non-Ducted

Furthermore, the rocker switch lets you control LED lights. There are two 2-speed fans in this hood. The motors of these fans are lubricated permanently. It will maintain the ventilation of your kitchen, besides the overhead light also help you for cooking.

  • Stainless steel hood increases the effectiveness.
  • It has a protective lamp lens for the bulb.
  • You will get a removable charcoal filter.
  • 2 speed motor with
  • It is easy to use.
  • The airflow of this hood is not that much.
  • You need to buy hardware.
  • The warranty period is much shorter.
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7. KOBE RAX2130SQB-1 Brillia 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

Best under cabinet range hoodBest under cabinet range hood

KOBE RAX2130SQB-1 is another powerful and effective range hood from the brand KOBE. This 30-inch hood has a perfect seamless design and is made of stainless steel commercial grade. It is also one of the durable under cabinets on our list.

Since the range hood is handmade from stainless steel, it features a stunning seamless design. The sleek body makes it suitable for taller cabinetry. It comes equipped with an inner blower and has a 6 inch round vent.

This hood features a mechanical push button that can be pushed to change the speed of the motor. It has a powerful maximum of 3000 psi airflow with 750 CFM. The device is silent and quiet despite the fact that it vents at high speed. There are three modes available: High, Low, and Quiet. The quiet mode produces one sone, and the high mode noise rating is up to 40dB.

kobe range hood reviews

The device includes a professional baffle filter that absorbs all the unwanted odor and smoke. The maximum power rating is 300W/2.5A. The unique design features easy-empty catch zones, and you can clean fans even without disassembling them.

  • Slim design and satin finishing with a premium look.
  • You will get the dampers and screws for installation.
  • Quite a mode feature available in this hood.
  • It should be vented outside.
  • This hood won’t work if you have a rear exhaust.
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8. FOTILE JQG7501.E 30″ Unique Design Under Cabinet Range Hood

Best under cabinet range hoodBest under cabinet range hood

Fotile JQG7501.E 30 inch one of the unique design under cabinet range hood. The side draft design directs the fume to the inlet and helps to reduce the spreading.

It comes with a screen lock function that prevents it from turning on when you’re cleaning the surface. The hood has a screen lock function, 850CFMHigh airflow, with a low level of noise39 dB.

The range area of 6 feet is covered by the automatic open baffle plate at 90 degrees. The range space can be extended up to 6 sq. feet with the automatic open baffle plate at a 90-degree angle.

kitchen hood

The device comes with a touch control that allows you to set it up at three speeds. It can be used in almost any type of cooking. This device features a delay function which ensures there is no smell after you are done cooking.

  • This range hood can be used easily.
  • Touch control panel and screen lock function.
  • High performance for oil fume suction.
  • It covers six feet of a range.
  • Easy to maintain, and you can easily use all the features.
  • This range hood is a little bit heavy and difficult to install.
  • The exhaust fan creates noise.
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9. Hauslane Chef Series 30” PS10 Under Cabinet Range Hood

Best under cabinet range hoodBest under cabinet range hood

We added PS10 30 inch under cabinet range hood to our list. It is from the brand Hauslane. This hood is best and perfect for the busy kitchen.

The vent’s body is made of stainless steel and has a sleek control panel. The panel controls three ventilation levels, and the energy-saving LED light bulbs. This under cabinet range hood is the perfect size for busy kitchens as it has a capacity to hold 900CFM. This device removes grease, fumes, and cooking smells quite effectively.

Hauslane | Chef Series 30” PS10 Under Cabinet Range Hood

The hood uses a different type of baffle filter. It incorporates professional cooking designs. That has deep grooves to collect any cooking grease. There are three speeds with power consumption between 120Vts and 190Watts.

You can also use the delay auto-shutoff option to clean up and remove odors after you have finished cooking.

  • This hood will provide 900CFM airflow.
  • It has a three-speed fan.
  • It has energy-saving lamps.
  • The suction power is effective.
  • It has an excellent touch skin panel.
  • It comes with baffle filters which are dish-washer-free.
  • The exhaust fan produces noise.
  • There is an issue with the clock feature.
  • The weight of the range hood is heavy.
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10. VESTA 860CFM 30” Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

Best under cabinet range hoodBest under cabinet range hood

This hood is another best under cabinet range hood from the brand VESTA. To deal with excess oil or smoke in your kitchen, this 30-inch under-cabinet range hood will provide a beautiful workspace. The 860 CFM airflow is impressive, and the range hood comes with an innovative curve design that gives you a premium look for your kitchen.

This range hood gives you efficient and faster ventilation with its triple ventilation system. A ducted Hood installation is an excellent choice for those who have high cooking requirements. And prefer wok-style cooking.

VESTA 30 Inch Range Hood

It has a 6-speed touch control that makes it simple to use. Baffle filters are compatible with the stainless steel range hood. The motors are heavy-duty and effectively eliminate the cooking smell. Its maximum noise level of 65 dB is achieved.

  • 6-Speed Touch Control switches that have functions.
  • It provides 860CFM capacity of airflow.
  • You will get a one-year factory warranty.
  • You will get a lifetime warranty for the motor.
  • You may face problems with lights.
  • Low to high speeds are not affected by noise levels.
  • For the heavyweight, it’s challenging to install.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible to replace range hood bulbs with LED lights?

LED lighting is trendy because of its clarity and brilliance. It’s tempting to replace halogen and incandescent bulbs within your under cabinet range hood with LEDs. It is always best that you use the correct bulb to match the range.

Although you can change the bulbs without voiding the warranty, it is not a guarantee that the bulbs will work correctly. If this is important to you, ensure that you buy a model with LED lighting.

How much does a range hood cost?

The most fundamental and best under cabinet range hood will cost you $150 and come with no installation charges.

 The most expensive hoods can cost thousands before being installed. More oversized hoods look better and offer more features than smaller ones. The island and wall mount hoods are the most expensive. Although they are more costly than the under cabinets range, Hoods are the most affordable.

Range hoods require efficient venting. Ducts help to blow outside smoke and dust. This can result in high installation costs. After filtering the air, ductless models recirculate it.

What are my considerations before I buy an under-cabinet range hood?

Before you begin searching for a range-hood there are some things or points you need to know as we told before.

First, consider your cooktop or stovetop. To make your gas cooker safer, you may want to invest more in a ducted range hood. It is important to measure the size of your stovetop. The entire surface of your cooktop or stovetop should be covered by the range hood. It is acceptable to have a little more, but it is not ideal.

Next, consider where your cooktop will go. Island-style range hoods are best if the range is on an island. If you want to set your range hood under the cabinet then you should measure the size of the cabinet and hood. If your range is not connected to your cabinets or not able to set it to your cabinets, and exposed wall-mounted range hood might be more appropriate.

What do you want in range hoods? Do you want something more simple or flashy? Do you want something with smart functions? Are you willing to use the best system and functions to save money? These questions will impact the final product you select.

How much CFM power do you need to run a range hood?

For kitchens, under-cabinet range hoods are the best because it provides more power and more efficient.

If you cook a lot or fry a lot, a vent hood with sufficient power is the best. Manufacturers will supply cubic feet per minute (CFM) to help you understand how powerful their range hoods can produce. Ductless range hoods do not have the same power as ones that exhaust outwardly (Ducted). The air filter they use will affect their operational efficiency. They clean the air, then re-circulate it in the kitchen. The smaller models might not be as powerful or as efficient as larger models.

How often do I have to clean my filters?

It all depends upon how much usage you do. A good suggestion is to clean the mesh grease filters once per month in the dishwasher. It will reduce the discoloration of metal filters. These should be washed in a dishwasher or cleaned manually with a non-phosphate detergent.

If you cook frequently or use a lot of greases to cook, your filters may need to be washed more frequently. You must replace any non-ducted carbon filters.

What does Convertible mean?

The term convertible is used in relation to under-cabinet range hoods. It simply means that the hood may be installed with different ducting methods. A convertible hood can be used for both round-ducted and horizontal or vertical ducted applications.

The kit comes with both a non-ducted and a ducted option. All required parts are in the box. You can install it as you wish without the need to purchase additional features. For non-duct hood installation, however, you will need to buy charcoal filters separately.


A kitchen with under cabinet range hood is a beautiful addition that will allow you to maintain a healthy, clean atmosphere. Under-cabinet kitchen range hoods are ideal for eliminating bad odors and smoke. You will find a fresh and clean kitchen that will be pleasant to use.

There are so many options to choose from, and it can be confusing and overwhelming to find the right one for your kitchen. We hope our article helps you to select the best under cabinet range hood for your kitchen in terms of stylish, affordable, high-quality. Let us know by the comment section below which one is your favorite. Thank you for reading.

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