How To Install Under Cabinet Ductless Range Hood

how to install under cabinet ductless range hood

The air around the kitchen is usually dense with strong odors when preparing meals. While some people are somehow comfortable with it, many individuals find it annoying. Installing a range hood thus becomes an excellent option to expel foul odors and refresh the air. Range hoods come in two types; ductless and ducted range hoods. … Read more

How to Clean Range Hood Fan

how to clean range hood fan

The range hood cleans the air from grease, smoke, and steam as you cook by using its fan. This grease and debris can build up and gradually decrease the fan’s efficiency. If you don’t pay attention to your grease filter, it could damage your overall kitchen environment, and eventually, it will harm your health. So … Read more

How Does a Range Hood Work

how does a range hood work

The range hood is the kitchen appliance that makes your kitchen more attractive. Besides, it makes your kitchen clean from the smoke, steam. It also removes grease- and odors too. It is essential to choose the right hood for your kitchen. But before buying a range hood, you should know about How does a range … Read more

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Duct Installation

kitchen exhaust hood duct installation

While installing your kitchen’s ventilation hood, the ducting system is an essential part. It’s the enclosure above your cooker hood unit that collects smokes, fumes, and steam. It also captures all other harmful air particles you may produce while cooking. After having the air, it vents them outside, thus improving the air quality and circulation … Read more

Kitchen without a Range Hood

kitchen without a range hood

A range hood is an essential appliance in most kitchens, either a newly built or an existing one. It helps draw any grease building upon the kitchen walls and absorbs the uncomfortable heat and smoke. Generally, the range hood improves the air quality in the kitchen, making the kitchen a comfortable place. However, kitchen without … Read more

How does a ductless range hood work?

how does a ductless range hood work

Normally the range hood has one motor. Some range hoods have many motors. These motors trap cooking steam and fumes through your stovetop’s ductwork. The ductless range hood produces airflow to remove cooking smells, smoke. It also removes heat from the kitchen. It separates and captures cooking fats and makes your kitchen and cabinets clean. … Read more